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Cryogenic Tanks

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Leaders in Cryogenic Tank and Vessel Fabrication

At Cryeng, we take pride in having designed and fabricated over 2,000 cryogenic tanks, vessels, surge drums, and pressure bullets for clients worldwide. Our extensive portfolio includes designs for both static and dynamic applications, vertical and horizontal configurations, and encompassing the full range of liquefied cryogenic gases, including LNG, helium, and hydrogen.

Superior Construction for Optimal Performance

Cryeng’s cryogenic tanks feature inner vessels typically constructed from high-quality stainless steel, while the outer vessels are fabricated from either carbon steel or stainless steel to ensure robust vacuum insulation. For applications requiring enhanced thermal insulation, such as helium and hydrogen storage, and scenarios demanding extended hold times, we offer nitrogen-cooled thermal shields in addition to vacuum insulation.

Compliance with International Standards

Our vacuum insulated cryogenic tanks are designed and manufactured to comply with AS 1210, ASME VIII Pressure Vessel code, and other relevant international standards. Our state-of-the-art fabrication facilities are ASME U, R, and NB stamp certified, and our products can also be PED or CE marked, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.

LNG Tanks

Advanced Design Technologies

We utilize advanced design technologies to conduct precise analyses of operating conditions, including seismic and cyclonic wind conditions, transportation-induced loading, and both normal and abnormal operating pressures. This ensures our products are built to perform reliably under all foreseeable conditions.

Commitment to Quality

Our cryogenic tanks (including vessels, surge drums, and pressure bullets) are manufactured in adherence to ISO9001 quality control procedures, incorporating non-destructive examination (NDE) and performance testing to meet code requirements and approved Inspection & Test Plans (ITP).

Recent Projects

  1. Bechtel (Pluto LNG, Western Australia) – 3 x 290kL Ethylene Storage Tanks
  2. Nikkiso Taiwan (Hsinta Power Plant, Taiwan) – 3 x 10kL LIN Storage Tanks
  3. Botanical Resources (Tasmania, Australia) – 1 x 50kL CO2 Storage Tank
  4. Chiyoda/ Zachry CCZJV (Golden Pass LNG, Texas, USA) – 440kL Ethylene Bullet
  5. Cameron LNG (Hackberry, Louisiana, USA) – 2x 330kL Ethylene Storage Bullets
  6. Supagas (Karratha, Western Australia) – 2x 205kL Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tanks
  7. Bechtel (GLNG Plant, Curtis Island, Australia) – 3x 266kL Ethylene Storage Drums
  8. Bechtel (Stuart & Bowen Basins, Qld, Australia) – 2x 288kL Ethylene Storage Drums
  9. Bechtel (Surat Basin, Qld, Australia) – 4x 285kL Ethylene Storage Drums
  10. BOC (Citic Pacific Mining, Western Australia) – 1x 215kL CO2 Storage Vessel
  11. BOC (Karratha, Western Australia) – 3x 185kL LNG Storage Tanks


At Cryeng, our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction drives us to deliver exceptional cryogenic storage solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients around the globe.



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