ConocoPhillips, DLNG Sampler

Cryeng Group has completed the design and manufacture of a LNG sampler of shutdown construction and installation of Vacuum Jacket Piping for Conoco Phillips’s DLNG facility. The sampler has been designed for replacing LNG sampler consist of DN50 and DN100 Vacuum Insulated Pipe(VIP) branches connected on to the existing DN750 VIP pipe spool. Double block, fast loop arrangement and probes are installed also flare header tie-in pipework. It is compliance with ASME B31.3 – 2008 through all stages of design, installation testing and adhere all site health, safety and environmental requirements.

 LNG Sampler ModelLNG Sampler Model  Installation of LNG SamplerInstallation of LNG Sampler

The branch lines performed analysis of DN50 and DN100 LNG sampler braches lines located on the DLNG loading line. The finite element analysis(FEA) is being carried out to include analysis of the pipe support frictional loads on the branch lines in addition to the expansion joint loads.